Membrane system design and analysis

According to the optical properties of the product, the design and analysis of all kinds of membrane systems are required to provide the best and most cost-effective design scheme for customers.

Preparation process

Infrared film system of preparation: in Ge, Si, ZnS, ZnSe, all kinds of chalcogenide glass, family fluoride glass, sapphire glass substrate preparation include: broadband, reducing film, broadband, high corrosion resistance with decreasing film, diamond film, filter, beam splitter, protective film etc..

Visible light band membrane system were in all kinds of traditional optical glass, quartz glass, optical resin substrate preparation include: Broadband reduction film, filter, beam splitter, polarization film, film thermoelectric, ceiling light film, protective film and other.

Multi band membrane system was in the various types of substrate preparation consists of many photosynthetic minus one film, multi point (band) Bandpass cut-off filter, infrared cut-off membrane, Leng Guangmo, multi point (band) beam splitter, high threshold of anti laser film etc..

Reflective film preparation: can be in the mirror metal and ceramics, glass ceramics, silicon carbide, optical fiber, and the substrate on the preparation of gold, silver, aluminum, chromium, nickel, copper and other materials of the internal reflection, external reflection, packaging, welding film, conductive film, etc..

Existing product film system up to 56 layers, the total physical thickness of more than 20000nm.

Quality assurance

With a total area of over 1500 square meters of constant temperature drying clean workshop, dozens of high performance of imported and domestic coating equipment, up to 80 years engaged in optical manufacturing and service experience, rigorous and reasonable production process operation specification of equipment maintenance norms, high-quality design, process, operation personnel to ensure the preparation repeatability and uniformity can meet the quality requirements for the most discerning.

Coating equipment and Fixtures

Many LEYBOLD, Japan light Chi, Xin Kelong, and production from Italy, Switzerland, the United States of coating equipment for preparation of high-end technology R & D and high precision or advanced product; dozens of domestic coating equipment for preparation of conventional products; multiple independent design, commissioned by the manufacturing of diamond like carbon (DLC) film equipment, can meet the need for class diamond films prepared.

Spectral measurement and analysis of equipment from the United States PE, Bruker, Germany and Japan Shimadzu etc., including covering purple 190~3500nm visible light and near infrared region of spectrophotometric and covering 5 - 25 m infrared Fourier spectrometer, measuring light incident angle up to 75 degrees, visible light can also measure of polarized light.

Part holds a traditional hat shaped workpiece disc, provide a better uniformity of the planetary workpiece plate, is also promising to columnar polyhedron and hemisphere or super hemisphere type fairing preparation of design and manufacture of special workpiece disc. As with the coating, the coating fixture can be designed for different products with different complex shapes.

Volume contracted shape

All kinds of conventional and irregular plane, spherical, aspheric lens, prism, window film.

Spherical diameter 300mm below the hyperhemispherical substrate of ZnS dome. The film is not uniform of less than 5.0% and the convexity can preparation department of broadband of DLC films, the national military standard test;

A polyhedron or cylindrical part of the diameter of 50mm, and the film is prepared on the cylinder.

The largest diameter 600mm, the weight is not more than 50kg of the parts, the smallest diameter of 1mm parts can be prepared.

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