The company has dozens of single point diamond processing equipment, large quantities of machining of aspheric lens, diffractive surface and high precision optics, strong technical strength, annual processing of nearly 1 00000 aspherical capability of our equipment can be of single point diamond turning the following: multi axis cutting (x axis, Z axis, axis B, C axis) sharp and slow tool servo function

Maximum diameter can reach 700mm

We single point diamond cutting tool materials including: non-ferrous metals, germanium, plastics, infrared optical crystal (mercury cadmium telluride, antimony, cadmium, polycrystalline silicon, zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, strontium chloride, magnesium fluoride, calcium fluoride, lithium niobate, KDK crystal) electric nickel, beryllium copper, chalcogenide glass.

Products include: all kinds of spherical and non spherical, away from the axis surface, polyhedron, shaped body, a mould core, a reflection mirror, and diffraction optical element, optical array and free surface.

And single point diamond cutting machine tools supporting the use of the test equipment, such as the Hobson PGI1240/PGI1250 Taylor. Surface precision machining parts can be achieved: the diameter of 100mm parts, Rt less than 0.15 m, the surface roughness Ra is less than or equal to 0.003 mu m.

Numerical control grinding and polishing

Ultra precision machining technology is the development of modern high-tech industry and science and technology, is the development direction of modern manufacturing science.

Our company has the world's leading equipment manufacturers to produce a variety of precision numerical control optical processing equipment, such as Schneider (SCHNEIDER), Raul (LOH) and (OptoTech) and other companies to produce spherical / non spherical CNC milling polishing equipment and from Japan's imports of double-sided grinding and polishing equipment, etc.. Is China's ultra precision CNC grinding and polishing equipment to maintain the largest number of enterprises.

Engineering and technical personnel have many years of experience in the manufacture of infrared optical components. Can be produced in accordance with the design of the user, and we have the most modern equipment, both can produce the product sample, but also to manufacture large quantities of foundry products.

Can processing germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, inorganic glass, quartz, ceramic products, such as materials, production and provide various shapes of rotationally symmetric spherical, aspherical, plane, polyhedron, special-shaped parts. In addition to the infrared optical components of the finished product, we also produce and provide a variety of processing degree of rough parts.

Numerical control polishing main technical index:

Aspheric polishing diameter range: Phi 10mm- Phi 250mm

The spherical polishing diameter range: Phi 10mm- Phi 120mm

The radius of curvature of:10mm-- for polishing

Surface accuracy: N=2

Surface finish: grade IV

Double side grinding and polishing main technical index:

The diameter range: mm - 290mm Phi Phi 12.5

Surface accuracy: N=0.5-1

Surface finish: grade IV

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