Traditional manufacturing technology capability

    Yunnan Chihong North photoelectric Co., Ltd. traditional optical manufacturing department is specialized in light, visible light optical components and precision infrared optical components production units, departments of the total number of employees more than 180 people. Department is committed to high, fine, sharp optical parts manufacturing technology, as well as precision sub - plate, precise leveling of the manufacturing. Has more than 250 advanced optical processing equipment and testing equipment. Including the hem, polishing machine, high precision centering and edging machine, multi axis, polishing machine, optical flat piece of high-precision double-sided, polishing machine, classical large aperture polishing machine etc., precision interferometer, spherical and planar optical components of precision machining and the technical indexes of the testing and evaluation of the.

    At present, the main object is the micro level, visible light optical components and various infrared materials, including high precision spherical lens, prism. 8 - 300 of the infrared crystal materials such as silicon, germanium, zinc selenide:, zinc sulfide, magnesium fluoride, calcium fluoride. Processing of various kinds of super hard materials such as: sapphire, boron carbide. Thickness 0.1mm thin plane mirror and the thickness of the 0.02mm ceramic thin film back to reduce precision components, etc..

High precision grinding and polishing machine

High efficiency machining high precision large aperture lens

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