Germanium single crystal growth

Now the company has a single crystal furnace, with an annual output of 25 tons of germanium single crystal, 5 tons of silicon single crystal. Using advanced equipment at home and abroad, and decades of crystal preparation technology, with its own district in molten germanium ingots as raw materials, production: electronic grade germanium single crystal: resistivity range 0.25 to 50 ohm cm, the resistivity uniformity <15%, crystal to the (111), crystal orientation deviation < Shan'xi, dislocation density, 1000 ~ 3500 / L.

Minority carrier lifetime >150. Germanium single crystal is mainly used in the production of germanium transistor, because the electron and hole transfer rate of germanium is higher than that in high speed switching circuit.

Second, optical grade single crystal germanium: conductive type N, Sb dopant and resistivity range 10 ~ 30 ohm cm, diameter 8 ~ 250mm, transmission wavelength range of 2 ~ 14 m, transmittance (2mm uncoated) 46 to 47%, the absorption coefficient <0.02/cm. Its special energy band structure is determined by the electron photon and photon phonon interaction leading to the wide optical transmission range of germanium to infrared radiation, and the 3~5mm and 8~14mm wavelength of two infrared atmospheric window has excellent transmission performance. We can according to different requirements, the maximum diameter of drawn single crystal germanium 300mm.

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