The work organization of demobilized soldiers to Malipo Laoshan peak positions and the martyrs cemetery to carry out patriotic education
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    2015 August 1 - 2 days, Work Department of the party organization answer turn soldier to Malipo Laoshan peak positions and martyrs cemetery for patriotism education, the education activities. The purpose is to firm ideals and beliefs, don't forget the history, bearing in mind the mission to enhance vitality, dedication in the post, promote the successful completion of the work of the company.

    After a visit to Laoshan combat Memorial and Malipo martyrs cemetery, answer turn soldier to the monument to the people's Heroes cemetery of revolutionary martyrs laid a wreath, standing in silent tribute to the martyrs of the revolution, three bows, express admiration.

    This study education activity, answer turn soldier heart has been shocked to the company, thought of being touched, spirit fill the "calcium", essence of God has been improved, everybody said, will further promote the Laoshan spirit, carry forward the soldier's glorious tradition and style, based on the post, silent dedication, for the development of the company to make its own contribution.

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