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Company R & D department has a group of experienced optical and electrical engineers to provide customers with complete optical, mechanical, electronic systems solutions, to solve problems in the customer's system.

We have a system design and analysis of visible light to infrared optics, and provide a perfect system for the user.

Has successfully developed a temperature adaptive infrared lens, dual field of view, continuous zoom and other infrared lenses, has basically covered the range of users, is one of the world's largest manufacturer of infrared lenses.

Developed a series of monitoring infrared thermal imaging, focal length from the angle of 6mm to 300mm, which contains 40mm/120mm, 50mm/150mm, 60mm/180mm dual field of view 30mm and 90mm, 40 ~ 120mm, 37.5 ~ 150mm continuous zoom infrared thermal image instrument.

Developed a series of handheld thermal imager, the lens can be selected, the focal length from 11mm to 100mm.

Development of infrared radiation rate measuring instrument, large diameter flat body.

Material engineer to provide customers with a variety of optical materials, solve the problem of customer selection in the optical design, and to a certain extent to meet the needs of customers.

We have a full set of infrared optical material and a complete germanium series products.

Germanium products have been developed: germanium tetrachloride for high-purity germanium dioxide, fiber, high pure reduced germanium, high purity molten germanium, high purity germanium single crystal, low dislocation germanium monocrystal, organic germanium series GE products.

Development of infrared optical materials are: optical germanium single crystal, optical germanium blanks, optical silicon single crystal, optical silicon blank, ZnSe blank, ZnS blank, etc..

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